Styled 3 Ways: Banana Banana Earrings by N2 Paris

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Does everybody have to sing "Hollaback Girl"  when they are spelling the word 'Bananas', or is it just me? The Banana Banana earrings by N2 are SO much fun! Whether you are paying homage to Gwen Stefani, or Carmen Miranda, you can liven up your ensemble with these fruity accessories! Let's see how Allison, Coco, and Duckie wear their Bananas!

Duckie wearing Banana Banana Earrings by N2 at Coco and Duckie

Duckie went for a somewhat minimal look, but definitely with a fun twist in a Tiki inspired vintage shift dress and southwestern embroidered denim jacket.

Duckie wearing Banana Banana Earrings by N2 at Coco and Duckie

"I love accessories that cause people to do a double take. These earrings definitely check that box!"

Vintage Dress *Similar / Jacket *Similar / Shoes / Gold Studs / # Earrings

Coco styling Pinup Girl Clothing with the Banana Banana Earrings by N2 at Coco and Duckie

Coco went for a "Carmen Miranda as a Bobby Soxer" look, with a Hawaiian inspired skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing, and a bright yellow top. Keeping the colors bright, while only using one pattern, because you know, she wouldn't want to do too much. ;)

Coco wearing Banana Banana Earrings by N2 at Coco and Duckie

"If you didn't know, Carmen Miranda is one of my major style icons, and has been since I was 7 years old. Obviously, as soon as I saw the Banana earrings, I knew I needed a pair! I wear these a lot, with all kinds of clothes and looks. I had to go with an homage to  Carmen for the blog post, and I knew my Parrot skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing was just the ticket!"

Shirt *Similar / Skirt / Shoes *Similar / Vintage Scarf *Similar / Red Earrings / Vintage Necklace * Similar

Allison is sleek and modern with a quirky twist in the Banana Banana Earrings by N2 Paris at Coco and Duckie!

Allison is sleek and simple in cute black tee dress from Southern Trends, but adds a little quirky fun with the banana earrings! Allison's style is impeccable (as you can tell from her appearances in other blog posts), and I love how she has added the very subtle southwest influences with the Mishky Bracelets. Great job, Allison!  

Allison styling Chinese Laundry Booties with the Banana Banana Earrings by N2 Paris at Coco and Duckie

Allison sporting some Mishky Bracelets with her Fossil Watch in our Styled 3 Ways blog post about the Banana Banana Earrings by N2 Paris at Coco and Duckie

Allison styling the Banana Banana Earrings by N2 Paris at Coco in Duckie in our latest Styled 3 Ways blog post.

"These earrings always make me feel a little extra-festive for any occasion!"

Dress / Booties (No Longer Available) / Watch (No Longer Available) / Bracelets 

Who would have thought that such a good source of potassium would also make such a cute accessory? What about you? Are you willing to give the Banana Banana earrings a go? Let us know in the comments below!

See you next week,



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Paris in the Springtime

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Paris in the Springtime! Don't let all the movies and love songs fool you, Paris in the Spring is a Texan's sweater and coat weather! The bright side of being horribly unprepared in the clothing department was shopping for more weather appropriate attire!
I was directed to Printemps, which means Springtime of all things. I was skeptical when I realized it was a department store, I like to shop small, find little boutiques with little brands...then I walked inside and everything changed. This was not just any department store this was the mother of all department stores! It was what all department stores should aspire to be!  Two massive gilded doors were opened by two handsome young men in immaculately tailored suits, my heels clicked on the polished marble floor.  Ladurée was on my right, Chanel was on my left  it smelled of fresh flowers and expensive leather, I want that smell bottled! After walking around in a daze for a few minutes I began my mission. Level five and I became grand friends. Level five = Shoes. We found what we needed, and a few things that we didn't,  Jess (my accomplice in all things shopping) and I said au revoir to Printemps then promptly recharged with macarons and tea.
After a grueling day of shopping for jackets and shoes!

The macarons Lemon, Melon and Deathly Rich Chocolate!


Amanda aka Duckie

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My Funny Valentine

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One of the most romantic days of the year is almost upon us! Sometimes finding the perfect gift for that special someone can prove challenging, especially for those of the male persuasion. It's just something about shopping that sometimes doesn't click! All of us girls at Coco and Duckie are more than happy to help your guys shop, just mention casually that we are open till 6 every day ;)

We Here are a few of our favorite things this month!

Be Mine
1) One of our new favorite things! The Ely bracelet by Beka & Belle, sumptuous hand worked German made Italian leather bracelets, the neon collections are so much fun! Starting at $45 2)This gorgeous rose ring has captured our hearts! $297 3) These fiery red pumps are the perfect touch for your Valentines outfit! $65 4) The cheery pink packaging makes this the perfect candle to brighten your mood, the fragrance is lovely and light! $30 5) Jean Baptiste bubble bath is luxurious and moisturizing! Treat yourself to a relaxing  bath! $28  

Till next time!




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Wish List #1

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For the adventurous girl,

She likes mystery and a dash of danger....these are the gifts for her.  

1) The Winchester Earrings, $45

The Winchester Earrings are handmade with love and care out of unique vintage elements. Add a little daring to your ensemble with these crystal and bullet casing euro clip earrings!

2) Tokyo Milk Dark La Vie La Mort No. 90 perfume, $36

Shea Butter and Almond Oil handcreme. Each alluring tube is enclosed in a tailored sleeve and tucked within a sumptuous keepsake bag. Fragrance Notes: White Tuberose, Cardamom, Hibiscus Leaf, Jasmine, 3.4 oz 

3) Tokyo Milk  Poe's Tobacco Tin Candle No.1, $12

The most remote of destinations becomes instantly familiar when you bring along a travel candle. Our deeply fragranced Soy wax blend burns evenly from the first moment to the last. Deeply nostalgic: Tobac, Tea Leaves, Amberwood & Autumn Apple

4) Tokyo Milk Smoked Salt No. 22 Lip Elixir, $7

Conditioning Lip Balm made with Bee Balm and Jasmine Flavor Notes: Smoked Sea Salt, Burnt Sugar, Molasses, Vanilla Bean

5)  I'm Wishing Flats in Nude, $54

I'm Wishing' is the epitome of femininity, with it's lush velvet body and gilded embroidered bow that adorns the toe. This little flat is sure to add cheer to her ensemble!  

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Vintage at Coco and Duckie!!!

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Announcing  Coco  and  Duckie's  1st

Vintage  Pop  Up  Show

Brought to you by the vintage loving ladies at Coco and Duckie, come in this Saturday - Thursday and play dress up with us! We will be able to outfit you from head to toe with vintage inspired shoes and stockings and real vintage dresses, hats and bags dating from the late 30's - early 60's! Come in quick before they are all taken to loving new homes!



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