Styled 3 Ways: Banana Banana Earrings by N2 Paris

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Does everybody have to sing "Hollaback Girl"  when they are spelling the word 'Bananas', or is it just me? The Banana Banana earrings by N2 are SO much fun! Whether you are paying homage to Gwen Stefani, or Carmen Miranda, you can liven up your ensemble with these fruity accessories! Let's see how Allison, Coco, and Duckie wear their Bananas!

Duckie wearing Banana Banana Earrings by N2 at Coco and Duckie

Duckie went for a somewhat minimal look, but definitely with a fun twist in a Tiki inspired vintage shift dress and southwestern embroidered denim jacket.

Duckie wearing Banana Banana Earrings by N2 at Coco and Duckie

"I love accessories that cause people to do a double take. These earrings definitely check that box!"

Vintage Dress *Similar / Jacket *Similar / Shoes / Gold Studs / # Earrings

Coco styling Pinup Girl Clothing with the Banana Banana Earrings by N2 at Coco and Duckie

Coco went for a "Carmen Miranda as a Bobby Soxer" look, with a Hawaiian inspired skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing, and a bright yellow top. Keeping the colors bright, while only using one pattern, because you know, she wouldn't want to do too much. ;)

Coco wearing Banana Banana Earrings by N2 at Coco and Duckie

"If you didn't know, Carmen Miranda is one of my major style icons, and has been since I was 7 years old. Obviously, as soon as I saw the Banana earrings, I knew I needed a pair! I wear these a lot, with all kinds of clothes and looks. I had to go with an homage to  Carmen for the blog post, and I knew my Parrot skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing was just the ticket!"

Shirt *Similar / Skirt / Shoes *Similar / Vintage Scarf *Similar / Red Earrings / Vintage Necklace * Similar

Allison is sleek and modern with a quirky twist in the Banana Banana Earrings by N2 Paris at Coco and Duckie!

Allison is sleek and simple in cute black tee dress from Southern Trends, but adds a little quirky fun with the banana earrings! Allison's style is impeccable (as you can tell from her appearances in other blog posts), and I love how she has added the very subtle southwest influences with the Mishky Bracelets. Great job, Allison!  

Allison styling Chinese Laundry Booties with the Banana Banana Earrings by N2 Paris at Coco and Duckie

Allison sporting some Mishky Bracelets with her Fossil Watch in our Styled 3 Ways blog post about the Banana Banana Earrings by N2 Paris at Coco and Duckie

Allison styling the Banana Banana Earrings by N2 Paris at Coco in Duckie in our latest Styled 3 Ways blog post.

"These earrings always make me feel a little extra-festive for any occasion!"

Dress / Booties (No Longer Available) / Watch (No Longer Available) / Bracelets 

Who would have thought that such a good source of potassium would also make such a cute accessory? What about you? Are you willing to give the Banana Banana earrings a go? Let us know in the comments below!

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Vintage at Coco and Duckie!!!

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Announcing  Coco  and  Duckie's  1st

Vintage  Pop  Up  Show

Brought to you by the vintage loving ladies at Coco and Duckie, come in this Saturday - Thursday and play dress up with us! We will be able to outfit you from head to toe with vintage inspired shoes and stockings and real vintage dresses, hats and bags dating from the late 30's - early 60's! Come in quick before they are all taken to loving new homes!



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Guten Tag!

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Hello! My name is Marlowe, I've known the girls at

Coco & Duckie for a while now and they have invited me to write a blog series as a guest author!

I had the immense pleasutre of tagging along to meet Savannah Hoffman's jewelry designer, Felicia Akop!  Felicia, a Dallas native, was in Austin when we met her at the uber cute Big Top Candy on SOCO.   Felicia waltzed into Big Top sporting leopard print toenails, Betsey Johnson wayfarers and gold tinsel woven into her hair. She is the embodiment of her work.  Her jewelry ranges from vintage chandelier crystals with images inside, vintage keys  to a rhinestone studded pendant bearing the King of Rock 'n Roll, Elvis, himself!

 Felicia began making jewelry in high school , starting with matchbook cars and tiny pterodactyls!  Madeline said, "I always find it hard to describe Felicia's work to people, because the best way to describe it is, 'It's Felicia!" and she couldn't be more right!

Some of her influences include Betsey Johnson "Betsey's really just 'anything goes." and both "Littlle" Edie Bouvier Beale and her mother, Edith Bouvier Beale "The Edie's really just did their own thing"

Her jewelry line is named after her great great grandmother, "The Jewish Rodeo Queen of Texas" she traveled all over Europe!

Felicia's work was also used in a recent photo shoot for the band Youth Sounds

(Whom I greatly love and adore) See Felicia's take on Chandelier earrings?

Keep an eye out for some of my other friends doing blog posts in the future. Until then, Au revoir!


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