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Keep Sparkling

Keep Sparkling

Keep Sparkling

Before we close the book on 2018, it's time to PARTY!

Turn every day into a Disco with our shimmering, sparkling collection of accessories!

Our vibe this month is "Winter Wonderland Discotechque." We think that would be the best prom ever! Imagine swirling snow glinting off the beams of a disco ball as you rock the night away around the Christmas tree. As a matter of fact, why don't we just throw our own Proms? You’re never too old to dance until dawn in the most beautiful dress you can find. We've got most of what you need right here at Coco & Duckie! Well, we've got about half of what you need: super cute decorations, the perfect accessories, and some great bath + body products to relax in afterwards—because come on, after all this fun, you are definitely going to need a sheet mask and bubble bath or two. All you have to get is the perfect dress, killer shoes, delicious food + drink, and people. You can handle that, right?

Our favorite winter time self care essentials! at Coco and Duckie

Qudo rings are the perfect way to add some sparkle to your ensemble! - Coco and Duckie

Our jewelry picks this month equal pure FUN! We have vegan leather holographic disco ball earrings, for goodness’ sake. We’ve moved on from the deep, bold hues of fall and straight into the wonderful wintry world of glittering, gorgeous gems. We’ve chosen all of the pieces that are iridescent and sparkly (winter wonderland discotheque, remember?). Some are a little bolder than others; hopefully they will all inspire you to let loose a bit this month!

 Sparkling bracelet stack inspired by our collection this month: Winter Wonderland Discotheque! At Coco and Duckie

We weren't kidding about our inspiration for decor this month. Here at C&D HQ, we have these awesome, enormous holographic chandeliers that we just want to leave up all the time because have you ever seen such fun?!? They’ll be perfect for our prom night! They are the perfect inspiration for us every day as we pick out the next great pieces to match your unique style.

Our dazzling chandeliers this Holiday season! at Coco and Duckie

We're always encouraging you to #letinthelovely, but right now especially be sure to make time to enjoy the last few days in this calendar year! Whether that means curling up on a cozy night with a good book, a great film, or your favorite new Netflix show and a sheet mask, or drawing a bath and lighting some of our delicious winter-scented candles, you do you! Or maybe it means going out on the town wearing our new fragrance by Lollia and decked out in all of the holiday sparkle you can fit on your arm.

Relax by Lollia at Coco and Duckie

Relax, is a perfectly delicate lavender perfume that comes in pretty, pastel, floral packaging. It mixes in with honey notes, as well, so the effect is cool, calming and sweet, not like your normal lavender scent. You can have it both ways! This December is about walking in a winter wonderland and dancing until dawn at the discotheque. Either way, everything is lovely and bright.

As we say good-bye to this year and welcome in the new, we hope this coming year will be your best yet! xo Coco and Duckie

We hope this year has been amazing for you, and we look forward to the next!

Keep sparkling.



Merry Christmas from all of us at Coco and Duckie
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