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March: In Like A Lion

March: In Like A Lion

March: In Like A Lion

March comes in like a Lion, melting away the last bits of winter, announcing, "Here I am!" and you should, too!  "In Like a Lion", our inspiration this month, encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and feel free to be a little bit bold. We've put together a collection of confidence-boosting personal scents and statement pieces, just for you.

Our collection for March is all about being bold and being you! Shop our curation of statement pieces and stand-out fragrances!

What's in a name? Shakespeare might have thought that a rose by any name would smell just as sweet, but we here at Coco & Duckie know that a name can do so much. When your fave fragrances have labels like "Dead Sexy" and "Bulletproof," voila! You've got a new kind of instant liquid courage.

Dead Sexy - a long time favorite of Coco and Duckie team members and customer alike!

Dead Sexy: a long-time favorite of our team members and customers alike, this is sweet + musky with notes of deep vanilla and ebony. The skull and crossbones say you can look, but don't touch.

Bulletproof - a confidence boosting fragrance by Tokyomilk D

Bulletproof is a truly unique fragrance featuring smoked tea, coconut milk, crushed cedar and ebony woods. Put an extra spritz on your collar and take a deep breath. You've got this.

Some of our favorite fragrances this month! Dead Sexy and Transformation.

We've selected pieces to make you stand out in a crowd and can easily become your new favorites that you'll want to wear everyday.

This month we've selected statement pieces to build your confidence and make you stand out in a crowd

Statement accessories don't always have to be intricate or cover the entire color spectrum. A solid statement piece can be as simple as a pair of hoops or a strand of beads, which is where creative color and strategic styling come into play.  Of course, if you come to Coco and Duckie wanting something that's just a little bit extra, we've got that, too.

Some bold statement pieces to set you apart in a crowd~

The pieces in this collection are bold with classic qualities that will carry you all the way through to next season, so you won't look outdated next month. Whether you are in, on, or ahead of the curve, there is something for you in this collection.

Some of our favorite pieces for the month of March!

Always remember that the key to pulling off a statement piece is courage. Why spend your time worrying or wondering whether you've landed the look when instead, you can believe in yourself and walk confidently into the world?

Some silver statement pieces that we adore!

What makes you feel confident? Channel some energy from a Lioness and step out boldly with a stunning statement piece and a feel-good fragrance to match.

Make a statement this month! We've curated a collection of unique artisan pieces to set you apart.

Look beautiful, smell beautiful, feel beautiful. You are beautiful!



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