Banana Créme And Tangerine Double Hoop Earrings

$ 39.00

The Banana Créme And Tangerine Double Hoop Earrings are sure to be a favorite this season. They are a creative combination of dual color schemes. You are sure to look lovely however you decide to style them. You can wear your hair up or down and they are sure to look fabulous with your ensemble. If you wear your hair up, be certain that you will stand out in a crowd in all the best ways. The eye-catching colors and cute floral hoops have had us captivated. You could pair these earrings with denim, a classic favorite. The blue hues in the denim are sure to make the colors pop even more!

  • Banana Créme And Tangerine
  • Approximately 3 inches long and 1 inch wide
  • Handmade resin flower earrings
  • Surgical steel gold-plated hoops
  • Each earring is handmade & will vary slightly, making each piece just as unique as their owner 
  • To keep your pieces looking their best, be sure to put on your accessories after you have applied all cosmetics and styling products.  The chemicals can negatively affect pieces.  Wipe your pieces off with a 100% cotton or microfiber cloth when you take them off, to keep them fresh and clean
  • Lovingly handmade by Coco in Bellville, TX

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