Butterfly Puddler

$ 50.00

Invite the butterflies to stay a while!  Sometimes, when you walk through the garden, there is a special stone that holds water, a place for the birds, butterflies, bees and bugs to take a sip.  The Butterfly Puddler creates an oasis for butterflies and the Fern design will grace your garden with natural beauty.  To use:

  • Put the Puddler within your view, so you can enjoy watching for butterflies that will visit.
  • Fill the well with sand & water.
  • Butterflies will “drink” the minerals left when the water evaporates.

The Butterfly Puddler is a lovely addition to any garden making it a wonderful gift to give or to keep for yourself!

  • Measures approximately 8.5 inches long on each side
  • Ceramic,  handcrafted using natural stoneware
  • The stoneware is fired to 2000*F, making it entirely weatherproof
  • Maintains its beauty in ice, snow or intense heat
  • No fading, no cracking
  • Made of natural stoneware and recycled glass
  • No toxic resins are used
  • Do not throw or drop

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