Tanzanite Madeline Earrings

$ 32.00

Don’t stare too long or you might get lost in the stunning beauty that is the Tanzanite Madeline Earrings. Or do! We wouldn’t blame you one bit. These earrings are sure to be your new best friend. From day to night, these gorgeous earrings are able to adapt to whatever the day calls for. From running errands, your kid’s sports events and being the boss you are, these earrings have you covered. Whether you are late for work or just getting off from a late shift, these lightweight earrings are there so you can make that hard work look effortless.

  • Faceted semi-precious Tanzanite
  • 24K Gold vermeil
  • 0.5 inch x 0.5 inch square
  • Hand made in the USA

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