Dragon Of Power Bead

$ 61.00

The Dragon of Power Bead is a limited edition bead.   This strikingly dramatic bead is hand-made of porcelain with a hand-painted dragon that covers the circumference of the bead.

Here's the process:   The Dragon of Power is made in fluid porcelain and then it is burned.  After the bead has cooled down, it is glazed for the first time. After glazing, the dragon is hand-painted in black. The bead is then glazed and burned again before the bead is completed.

This is a Limited Edition release for Black Friday 2020. Limited Editions are rare or unique beads that are only released in very small quantities. The price is for the bead only.

  • Hand made porcelain
  • TCHBE-30013
  • 2.00 g
  • Designer: Kim Buck
  • Made in Denmark
  • One bead

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