Grapefruit & Blood Orange Bath Soak

$ 34.00

The Grapefruit & Blood Orange Bath Soak had juicy grapefruit and orange extracts that are nature’s mood boosters loaded with Vitamin C & B5 and celebrated for their uplifting aromatherapeutic properties.  The Sleepy-Time, Stress-Less Soak. Skinny Dip for Self Rejuvenation and transform your ordinary bath into a classic Spa Retreat! Our natural salt crystals are extracted from deep-sea deposits delivering nutrients that can work to help balance skin cells and purify pores. Epsom salts are added, which have been known to soothe tired muscles, assist in relieving stress, and can aid in promoting the production of serotonin—this all adds up to a before bedtime (or anytime!) concoction to soak away stress to help your body settle down and cozy in for a good night’s sleep. After a mineral-rich bath with Grapefruit & Blood Orange Bath Soak,  you will feel more relaxed, calm, and happy. Dip in and renew yourself!

  • Made with grapefruit and orange extracts, sea salt crystals, Epsom salt
  • 34 ounces
  • 9.25 x 3.5
  • Paraben-free & gluten-free 
  • Never tested on animals