Rainbow Pen Set

The most powerful words a woman often hears are her own thoughts speaking to her. This set of 10 colorful pens (1 of each color) offers a welcome reminder of how encouraging and motivating those thoughts should sound! They all contain black ink, which means that you can even sign important documents and contracts with them.

• Purple Pen: "be kind"
• Lavender Pen: "you got this"
• Pink Pen: "dream big" 
• Peach Pen "work hard"
• Orange Pen "be different"
• Yellow Pen "stay humble"
• Lime Pen: "be brave"
• Green Pen: "believe you can"
• Turquoise Pen: "stay positive"
• Blue Pen: "goal getter"

This set of pens comes packaged in a pretty polka dot box... ready for gift giving! See more cute pens here