Rainbow Polka Dot Isla Earrings

$ 34.00

Let’s keep the party going with these Rainbow Polka Dot earrings! These adorable heart-shaped charms are certain to bring a smile to your face and everyone around you because every day is sure to feel like your birthday when wearing these adorable earrings. You could wear your hair up or down and still catch the eyes of those around you as they sway with each step you take. These earrings are sure to be like the sprinkles on a cupcake for your outfit. They add a touch of color and sweetness to your ensemble. Treat yourself to an early present.

Information from cocosmusings.com/ Gold-plated euroclip wires. / 3 Heart Earrings measure approximately 3.5” long x 1” wide. / Charms are made using a Food safe, BPA Free Resin. All charms are handmade by Coco, in Bellville, TX. / Due to the handmade nature of the items, please expect slight variations in color and placement of glitter in the resin pieces. / Colors may vary from screen to screen.