Vintage Trifari Rhinestone Earring & Necklace Set

Marvelous, darling! If there is one thing we love in this world, it is jewelry. What more, vintage jewelry. There is such a sense of nostalgia when we come across a vintage find that is in such great condition as this Vintage Trifari Set. When we find a treasure that has traveled through time and transcends generations, we can’t help but be ecstatic!

Gold plated and adorned with jewels these heart-shaped earrings with matching necklace are extraordinarily exquisite. The necklace rests just above the collarbone, creating for a more dramatic effect and sophisticated statement. Let’s paint the town, shall we, darling? 

Original box and earring card included.

Normal vintage ware, 1 rhinestone is missing from the rear of the necklace.

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