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Ahava Dermud Hand Cream

$ 33.00

This concentrated formula from Ahava rejuvenates and restores moisture to parched, dry hands.  It's  intensive because it's enriched with a blend of Dead Sea mud, natural moisturizers and minerals, the Ahava Dermud Hand Cream works quickly to provide lasting comfort by reducing itchiness, scaling, cracking and redness to smooth and soften the skin. 

The Dermud  formulations fight  the discomforts of dry skin by restoring essential moisture to promote healthy and wonderfully soft skin.  All of Ahava's Dermud products are hypo allergenic, free of parabens and have been clinically tested. 

  • 3.4 ounce tube
  • Boxed

At Coco and Duckie, we love the Ahava products and use both the Ahava Dermud Hand and Foot Creams and LOVE them!  Check out all of our lotions and creams here!