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Let’s get right to the point > It’s time for you to start wearing and surrounding yourself with things that make you happy. Do strawberry cheesecake earrings make you happy? Wear them! You don’t need permission to, but we’ll give it to you anyway. Life is too short to be anything but YOU, and the best you is a HAPPY YOU.

In fact, that’s how it all got started back in 2007. Coco and Duckie is the result of 3 generations of women (a grandmother, mother, and 2 daughters) who decided to pursue what makes them smile, seek out art in unlikely places, and share their finds with you.

Everything you see here was chosen for a reason. We travel and bring back stories in the form of floral fragrances, little keepsakes, and pretty pearls. We find unique products with inspiring tales behind them. We get to know passionate artists who pour their soul into each piece they create. Usually this means small batch jewelry and handmade gifts, but if an artist we love becomes famous, that certainly won’t diminish their art or our love for it!

What really makes this fun is imagining your face light up when you pick the perfect bauble to complete an outfit or find that quirky gift for your favorite aunt who adores little unicorns. Let us know what you’re dreaming of, and we’ll search high and low to bring it to you. Here, customer service is queen.

Happen to be road tripping through the “Land of Sweet Tea”? Coco and Duckie’s storefront is nestled in the charming town square of Bellville, Texas. We treat our store like our home, so expect to be welcomed like an old friend.


Coco and Duckie 

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