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Qudo Gold Senago Bracelet

$ 30.00

The secret to a basic bracelet is that it is actually not so basic. It’s versatile! It all depends on how you style it. A versatile bracelet is something that can be stacked with other bracelets or can be worn solo for a more subtle look. It can also been worn with a lovely Qudo charm holding your favorite Qudo topper.  Wear the Qudo Gold Senago Bracelet with a variety of outfits. The best part is that no matter how many times you wear it; it can still change the look of your outfit depending on how you choose to wear it. This Qudo Gold Senago Bracelet is definitely one of our favorites!

  • Approximately 7.5 inches long
  • Hand-worked stainless steel
  • Bracelet only
  • Hand made in Germany

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