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Lovely Belinda Earrings

$ 30.00

Um. Who gave these Lovely Belinda Earrings permission to be this fabulous? These sparkly earrings are color blocked in a spectacular way. You are going to love wearing these magical, dangly earrings. The fuchsia and red are a *chef kiss* stunning combo. The vibrant,  pearlescence fuchsia is in the top part of the design which is the face of a rose! The ruby red is linked below the rose and are two cute leaves. Both components contain cutouts in their design that gives the overall look a modern aesthetic, but still quite romantic. They are fun, lightweight and perfect for every season! 

  • Ruby Red Slippers and Vibrant Pearlescent Fuchsia
  • Handmade resin Charms are made using a food safe, BPA Free Resin.
  • Gold-Filled Ear wires.
  • Earring drop measures approximately 2.625  inches long and 1.25  inch wide
  • Each earring is handmade & will vary slightly, making each piece just as unique as their owner 
  • To keep your pieces looking their best, be sure to put on your accessories after you have applied all cosmetics and styling products.  The chemicals can negatively affect pieces.  Wipe your pieces off with a 100% cotton or microfiber cloth when you take them off, to keep them fresh and clean
  • Lovingly handmade by Coco in Bellville, TX

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