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Large Honeycomb Plant Trellis

$ 39.00

We are buzzed about this Large Honeycomb Plant Trellis! We adore the design of this plant accessory. This item is perfect for helping your plants grow by giving them the support they may need in their different stages. Aside from its practical use, this stylish trellis is simply sweet. It is sure to give your plant’s space a cute makeover you didn’t know they needed. You are certain to smile when you take in the cute aesthetic of your plant’s look. Plants provide us with comfort and help us breathe easier. Why not return the favor and help support them along their growth?

  •  Approximately 18.5" X 9" including stakes
  • 1/4 inch thickness of wood
  • Diameter of each honeycomb is 1.5 inches
  • Stakes measure approximately 4 inches
  • Indoor use only
  • Sealed stakes are treated with a proprietary non-toxic, plant-friendly wood protectant that resists effects of moisture and extends the lifespan of the trellis.
  • Leave a bit of the stake's black coating above the soil line to avoid water damage.
  • Hand made in the USA

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