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Banana Crème and Sun Julie Huggie Earrings

$ 46.00

The Banana Crème and Sun Julie Huggie Earrings are sure to keep you shining bright all day long! These earrings are our newest obsession! They have a secret that we are ever so eager to share. They are UV changing earrings! The floral hoop portion of the flower goes from a poppin’ yellow to a gorgeous golden when exposed to UV sunlight. Whether you are out with friends or running about town, all eyes are sure to be on you when wearing these enchanting earrings.  Imagine all the photograph-able moments as the earrings catch the sunlight and transform into something entirely new!

  • Banana Créme color leaves sparkles with glitter
  • Light yellow colored flower with glitter that changes from a light yellow to a golden yellow in UV light
  • Handmade resin
  • Surgical stainless steel plated with 14K gold
  • Earrings measure approximately 2.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide
  • Each earring is handmade & will vary slightly, making each piece just as unique as their owner 
  • To keep your pieces looking their best, be sure to put on your accessories after you have applied all cosmetics and styling products.  The chemicals can negatively affect pieces.  Wipe your pieces off with a 100% cotton or microfiber cloth when you take them off, to keep them fresh and clean
  • Lovingly handmade by Coco in Bellville, TX

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