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Make A Wish Boxed Matches

$ 10.00
Color - Sage

The Make a Wish Boxed Matches are a wish come true! We are obsessed with these matches and available in two colors. The Make A Wish Boxed Matches are not only cute, but functional. The size is ideal for lighting those hard-to-reach wicks. You are sure to want these for your candle collection. This would also make a great gift for the candle-lover in your life. They have an aesthetic that is all their own and would look great on your coffee table or wherever you store your candle accessories. Whether you are lighting a birthday cake, or setting up for a relaxing evening, these matches are sure to have you lighting up with joy. 

  • One box of matches
  • Available in two colors:  pale sage and pale blush
  • Matchstick approximately 4 inches
  • Gold foil lettering
  • Box is available in two colors: Sage and Blush
  • Approximately 50 matches
  • Approximately 4.5 inches x 2.5 inches x 1 inch
  • Matches shipped only within the USA

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