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Archipelago All Purpose Cleaner

$ 5.00 Regular price $ 17.00

There are few things that we enjoy more than versatility. Whether it is our accessories or our cleaning supplies, we love a multi-use product! How about gleaming surfaces and peace of mind?  What you use to clean your home or office space is just as important as any other facet of curating a personal environment that you’ll love.  Have it all with a powerful, plant-derived cleaning spray. The Archipelago All Purpose Cleaner is all natural, ammonia-free formula that wipes away dirt and smudges with ease, leaving spaces fresh, clean, and brightly fragrant.  You can feel safer with each spray, knowing that the surfaces in your home or office are not only getting cleaned, but maybe even a little spoiled. Treat yourself to the gift of a naturally clean space.

  • Plant-Based | Clean | Simple
  • Free of ammonia, bleach, and harsh chemicals
  • Fragrance from pure blend of citrus essential oils
  • Bio-based solvents
  • Net Weight: 17.5 fl oz | 517 ml

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