Mothers Day is May 12th!



It's going to be awesome! Our all time favorite indie band from NOLA is coming to perform at Coco and Duckie! That's right Youth Sounds will be doing two sets for us! So mark your calendar for May 5th, 2012! Youth Sounds will perform at 11:30 am and at 1:30 pm  in front of Coco and Duckie!

A little bit about Youth Sounds....

The peaceful ambience that is Youth Sounds comes from an innovative brother and sister duo that understands who they are and what they have to offer. Hailing from the streets of New Orleans, Erika and Federico Mejia are self-taught musicians that gained experience in church choirs and developed their crafts by remaining artistically stylish.

The combination of Erika’s soft and whispery voice gliding over Federico’s piano leads and house backbeats on their debut EP “The Bit Parts” expresses the aptitude this duo possesses. Youth Sounds feels familiar and inviting in their effort to bring fresh melodies during hard times. Youth Sounds’ elegant appeal and dreamlike moodiness branch from their appreciation for art and film. Encompassing these ideals in their music captures the essence of purity in their craft. Take part of Youth Sounds’ journey at  

In addition to the awesomeness that is Youth Sounds a TrollBead Trunk Show will also be running! There will be three different specials to choose from PLUS all Trollbead rings are 50% off!! So come in and say hi this coming Saturday!

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