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Bluebonnets Bluebonnets Bluebonnets!

Bluebonnets Bluebonnets Bluebonnets!


The bluebonnets are blooming! Where to find them? Well, our favorites are along hwy 36?How to see them easy...
  • Starting at Coco and Duckie @ 12 N Holland, on the Square
  • Travel north on Hwy 36 toward Brenham
  • About 6 - 7 miles north, begin noticing them on your right or left
Bluebonnet picture taking etiquette:  Pull your car COMPLETELY off the road, so no accidents are caused!?? Continue toward Brenham and turn right on Wood Ridge Blvd you'll see a lot of bluebonnets on your right and left.  Before reaching the 290E feeder, turn left into the Chili's parking lot, drive straight to the Starbucks drive, order your favorite coffee drink to complete the C&D favorite Bluebonnet spotting outing! XOXO, Duckie

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