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Let In The Lovely

Let In The Lovely

Maybe you've noticed this hashtag on our Instagram posts, or seen the words hanging in our shop in Bellville, but what do they mean? What is "Let In The Lovely" about? I'm glad you asked! It's what we're all about at Coco and Duckie. Letting in the lovely is in our hearts, minds, and every choice we make as a company.

We run everything through the "Let In The Lovely" filter. Will it bring some loveliness to our clients' lives? Encouragement is of utmost importance to the Coco and Duckie girls. That's a big part of what lovely means to us: it's about taking the time to enjoy and appreciate the loveliness that exists in the world around you.

Loveliness exists in art, in nature, in other people. Loveliness is perceived differently by everyone, whether it's drinking a nice cup of tea, going to a museum, meditating in a garden, wearing your new favorite earrings, or the time spent shopping for that new pair. It's about taking the positive and sharing it with others and continuing a chain of happiness that can grow beyond each of us.

This is one of the primary reasons that we love artist-made jewelry. One person's passion, hard work, and creativity is incorporated into your wardrobe and life, extending that creativity and spreading it into the universe. It's why we love finding everyday essentials peppered with positivity that will bring a smile to your face and to those whom you gift with these little treasures. These are just a few of the ways we "Let in The Lovely" at Coco and Duckie, and we'll be sharing more in future posts.

We hope your time spent with us online or in our store in Bellville brings some loveliness into your life, and we hope to continue to inspire you to let even more lovely in. Everyday.

We'd love for you to share how you Let In The Lovely!  Please let us know in the comment section below.


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