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Cooking With Coco and Duckie: Pizza Edition!

Cooking With Coco and Duckie: Pizza Edition!

Cooking With Coco and Duckie: Pizza Edition!
Do you know what tomorrow is? It's National Pizza Party Day!! Yes! I love holidays, especially those revolving around food. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Pizza Party Day all are very important days. We believe in celebrating the little things, the big things, and especially the yummy things, so we made our fave pizzas to celebrate. We snapped a few photos to show you our process! 
Coco's Punk Rock Pizza
Coco's Punk Rock Pizza #CocoAndDuckie #LetInTheLovely #Food #Recipe #Pizza #Cooking #FeedFeed
Punk Rock Pizza
Pizza Crust (we were not ambitious enough to make our own dough today)
Hamburger meat, sautéed with onions
Ragu Sauce
Grilled Pineapple
Grilled Mushrooms
Provolone Cheese
Once upon a time when Duckie and I were teenagers, we started referring to unexpected food combinations as "Punk Rock"--hence the name of this Pizza. I order this combination anywhere that allows me to pick my own toppings. Sometimes, when I'm feeling a little extra, I'll add avocado slices once it's out of the oven! 
Duckie's Egg-cellent Pizza 
Duckie's Egg and Arugula Pizza #CocoAndDuckie #LetInTheLovely #Recipe #Food #Pizza #FeedFeed #Noms
Perhaps it's because she is a trained chef, but Duckie always "throws together" these really amazing dinners. Half the time she makes them up as she goes along. I learned as soon as she graduated from culinary school that if she said something was good, it was. I've tried everything she has told me to for nearly a decade, and everything has been delicious. 
Eggcellent Pizza 
Pizza Crust 
Olive Oil
Caramelized Onions
Shaved Parmesan
Grilled Lemon Peel
Chef's tips: For eggs with runny yolks, cook pizza about 10 min. Increase the cooking time for a more thoroughly cooked egg.
Coco and Duckie's Pizza's! #CocoAndDuckie #LetInTheLovely #Pizza #Recipe #Food #Cooking
Coco and Duckie's Pizzas - fresh from the oven! #CocoAndDuckie #Pizza #Recipe #Cooking #Food #LetInTheLovely
Fun Pizza Fact: The first pizzeria in the US opened in Manhattan in 1905, and they are still around! Check out Lombardi's next time you are in Little Italy.
So, what are you going to put on your pizza tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below! 

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