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Let In The Lovely #1:Breakfast

Let In The Lovely #1:Breakfast

Let In The Lovely #1:Breakfast


By now you know that at Coco & Duckie, we are constantly seeking new
ways to let in the lovely. But what is one of the very best, most simple ways to do that? It's right at the beginning of every day: with breakfast!
Having a few minutes to unplug is so important and it's a great way to start your day! #letinthelovely
Breakfast is our favorite opportunity to do this, because it can be whatever you want or need it to be on that particular day. Maybe you need a power breakfast that is going to set you up for success that day. You might even want to start
the day out creatively inspired. Breakfast can help! Or perhaps you just
need to treat yourself today. So whether you enjoy fluffy scrambled eggs
and fresh fruit, elaborate eggs benedict, or a custard tartlet and a
good strong cup of coffee, there's no better time to breakfast to let in
the lovely.One of our favorite ways to #LetInTheLovely is with Breakfast! xo Coco and DuckieWhen you are gearing up for a big day ahead of you, full of side
hustling and just generally being a boss, you want to lay a foundation
with your breakfast. And it can still be lovely at the same time! It
doesn't have to mean drinking chunky kale smoothies in the car on your
way to work. While you fill up on foods that are going to keep you sharp
and on your game all day long, take the time to sit back and relax. Give
your body the chance to gear up for the day ahead, and it will thank you
later. Tuck an inspirational card that's just from you, to you, about
how amazing you are and you know you can be, into your planner, and you
are all set to go.
Make time to take care of yourself. #LetInTheLovely
If you want to light the spark of creativity to jumpstart your day, let
yourself play around with your breakfast. Experiment with deconstructed
eggs benedict on brioche buns and a caviar garnish. The kitchen is your
studio, and you get to eat your art! Set yourself up in a breakfast nook
that abounds with beautiful kitchenware, fragrant flowers, your favorite
books, and artwork that gets you in the right head space. You will find
yourself ready for a day of bringing your own unique ideas to the table
and nurturing them. Open yourself up to the loveliness of new ideas from
your very first meal of the day.
One of our favorite ways to #LetInTheLovely is with Breakfast!
We want to offer you permission to pamper yourself and all the
inspiration you need to do it right. What could be a better way than
eclairs and cappuccinos? Take time to treat yourself to a scrumptious
breakfast with plenty of time to sit back, relax and enjoy the view.
Maybe even read on the balcony. Enjoy a second—or third!—cup of
coffee. Whatever your breakfast of choice, treat yourself to the gift of
taking a second to enjoy the moment and eat your most favorite things.
The rules are off when it comes to breakfast!
No matter what the occasion or what kind of breakfast you are going to
have today, remember that it is an opportunity to open the door to all
of the loveliness that exists in the world around you.


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