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We  adore Halloween, maybe it is on account of there being no fall in Texas and we relish the smell of crisp air and pumpkins and wish for the rustle of leaves on our side walk!

       In the spirit of Fall/Halloween Madeline has made a tremendous play-list that can accompany all your Halloween and fall doings!

Playlist Nam: Boo! --------------- Nightmare Before Christmas Special Edition Soundtrack

Close Your Eyes by Jump Little Children

Thriller by Michael Jackson

Voodoo by Spiral Beach

Walking With A Ghost by Tegan and Sara

Witch by The Bird And The Bee

Full Moon by The Black Ghosts

Witchcraft by Elvis Presley

Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead by Ella Fitzgerald

Strange Fruit (Tricky/Tool Remix) by Billie Holiday

I Put A Spell On You by She & Him

Casper The Friendly Ghost by Mike Doughty

Vampire by Antsy Pantsy

Unitl next time remember....


xoxo Coco and Duckie

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