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Styled 3 Ways: Mishky Bracelets

Styled 3 Ways: Mishky Bracelets

Styled 3 Ways: Mishky Bracelets
We are so excited about the newest jewelry line at Coco and Duckie.  Mishky jewelry was created by Tita Navia and Martha Duran and their mantra is “mi mamá para mí” (my mom for me).  They have sought out moms in low-income areas of Colombia, and then taught these women how to create intricate and distinctive jewelry on looms fashioned after the ancient Egyptians.
A sampling of some of the beautiful work by the Artisans at Mishky. Handmade bracelets that support a great cause at Coco and Duckie!  
 The bracelets are made of delicate Japanese glass beads and cotton cording that create beautiful color combinations and designs by artisan stay-at-home moms.
The benefits are many: beautiful jewelry for you, AND a stay-at-home mom generates an income, becomes an expert artisan, and her children have their mom with them for attention and guidance, all while teaching them the concept of working with ethics and dignity.
We enjoy the diversity of the bracelets. The bead patterns vary, so you can get a very minimal design or one that is more elaborate. You can also layer the color choices --from neutrals to vivid tones and you can choose a bracelet to wear anywhere!  
We are already obsessed, and we've been wearing our bracelets non-stop since they arrived, let's see how Coco, Denise and Duckie style their Mishky!
Duckie wearing Mishky Bracelet from Coco and Duckie
Duckie is cool and modern when styling the Mena Mishky Bracelet. A white crop top with a vintage patterned skirt draw attention to the pattern and textures of her arm candy.
Duckie styling Mishky Bracelets from Coco and Duckie - Earring Detail
Duckie styling Mishky Bracelets OOTD
"I really like the colors, and I think they will be great for summer. I wear a lot of neutrals, so it's nice to have a little pop of color sometimes! They are really easy to put on, too. Bracelets can be a challenge solo sometimes, so it's always nice to have one that is easy!"
Coco Styling Mishky Jewelry at Coco and Duckie
Coco styling Mishky Jewelry at Coco and Duckie
I think it's safe to say spring fever is in full swing at Coco and Duckie! Coco is all in pastels, wearing a skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing that brings out the colors in the three Mishky bracelets she styled: Mena, Mel, and Abby
Coco styling Mishky at Coco and Duckie EarfieCoco styling Mishky Jewelry at Coco and Duckie
"I like that the bracelets are so smooth, they don't catch on clothes or scratch your wrists while wearing them. All the color combinations are very pretty, but right now I really like the white and metallic bracelets. They are so modern, and I think they are a fresh spin on the beaded bracelet look."
Denise styling Mishky bracelets at Coco and Duckie
Denise styling Mishky bracelets at Coco and Duckie
Denise utilized neutral tones in her outfit to make the metallics in her accessories pop! Her favorites (so far!) in Mishky are the Hana, Mel,  and Pippa.
Denise styling Mishky bracelets at Coco and Duckie
"I love stacking these beaded bracelets because the neutral color pallet goes with everything, and there's just a bit of sparkle, too! "
Shirt *Similar / Pants / Earrings / Necklace / Shoes / Trollbeads Bangle / Silver Bracelet 
Aren't these bracelets gorgeous? The detailing on them is awe inspiring! We can't wait to see what else we'll see from Mishky in the future. Check out the pieces we have available now in the web shop! 
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