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Anna Vintage Rhinestone 5 Star Earrings

$ 44.00

Let these colors brighten your day!  The Anna Vintage Rhinestone 5 Star Earrings will definitely deliver.  Imagine these twinkling stars resting from your earlobes, reflecting light in a colorful display.  Pair these showstoppers with your favorite styles and you are sure to attract compliments because you are just as much of a star as the ones you wear!

The Vintage Rhinestone Collection  was inspired by the Coco's Great-Grandmother's paperweight that was always kept on her dresser.  Wanting to share it's  joy,  Coco hopes this jewelry will inspire smiles for you too!

  • Handmade resin pendants on Sterling silver wires
  • Earrings measure approximately 3.75 inches long
  • Due to the handmade nature of the jewelry, please expect slight variations in color and Rhinestone placement. Depending on how the rhinestones settle, some Rhinestone pieces may have a unique texture.
  • Lovingly handmade by Coco in Bellville, TX

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