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Butterfly Flower Tea Gift Box

$ 32.00

Make teatime feel magical with this butterfly flower tea gift box. You are sure to find that your time to relax with a warm cup of tea could use a touch of enchantment. Each small box has 3 single flavor tea bags with each containing a butterfly tea bag holder that rests on the side of your tea cup. There are a total of 3 flavors. That is 9 cups of tea with 9 butterflies that are sure to feel like you're living a fantasy. The butterflies vary in color, but all are fabulous for a captivating moment of calm. 

  • 9 individually packaged teabags with 9 butterfly teabag holders
  • Butterfly teabag holder is designed to appear like a butterfly resting on cup
  • 3 types of tea:  Acacia, Cockscomb, Siberian Chrysanthemum
  • Gift boxed
  • Wonderful for gifting
  • Gift boxed, 11 inches x 5.5 inches
  • Each box has 3 small boxes inside.  Each small box has 3 (of one flavor - teabags, each with a butterfly tea bag holder that rests on the side of the tea cup)  There are a total of 3 flavors (3 bags of each)= 9 in total teabags (and 9 butterflies - one for each)  These are disposable so we shouldn't promote that they can be used more than once.  It might happen, but I don't want to mention it.
  • Shelf life:  12-24 months
  • Made in South Korea

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