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Dragonflies at Sunrise Earrings

$ 27.00

How gorgeous are the Dragonflies at Sunrise Earrings? We cannot stop looking at these eye-catching beauties! A silver rectangular frame encompasses a sunrise scene. With warm hues of oranges and yellows, the silver work continues to form a dragonfly on each earring that seems to be fluttering above the reeds. These statement earrings are certain to become a favorite and the talk amongst your friends. You could style these with a more subdued look and let them do the talking or you could go all in. With a color scheme so stunning, who wouldn’t want to be loud about it?

  • Approximately 2 inches long
  • .925 Sterling silver ear wires
  • Hypoallergenic
  • To keep your pieces looking their best, be sure to put on your accessories after you have applied all cosmetics and hair styling products. The chemicals can negatively affect pieces. Wipe your pieces with a soft, dry 100% cotton or microfiber cloth when you take them off, to keep them fresh and clean!  Never clean with any chemicals, chlorine or bleach.
  • Made and hand-painted with love in the USA

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