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Elegance Eau De Parfum

$ 68.00

This bottle of parfum is sensational. Who is she? That is the question that everyone is certain to ask when you walk into a room. The aesthetics of this parfum bottle are a mix of a modern classic and timelessness. With gorgeous scents of White Amber and Mirabelle, you are sure to feel like the beauty you are. You can walk into a room with confidence, knowing that you are the main character. We believe that an outfit is never fully finished until you put on one of your favorite scents. Could this be your new signature scent this season? We know it’s one of ours!

  • White Amber and Mirabelle
  • Glass vessel
  • 4.5 inches x 1.875 inches
  • 3.4 fluid ounces
  • Not boxed

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