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Floral Washi Stickers

$ 4.50

If you are a crafter or sticker collector, we are certain that you will want to dig your artistic roots deep into these Floral Washi Stickers. These fresh and fun stickers are sure to add a touch of the outdoors to your crafty creations. From homemade cards to a friendly letter, you can’t go wrong with adding a personal touch to your correspondence. Maybe you are into adding some whimsy to your work supplies. These stickers can also help keep you organized and up to date in a cute and cheery way. From scrapbooks to schedules, you are sure to keep the creativity blooming.

  • Pre-cut washi strips
  • Stickers
  • 3 sheets
  • 2.8 inches wide x 6.3 inches tall
  • Packaged in clear cello

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