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Hummingbird Magnet Notepad

$ 10.50

This refreshing Hummingbird Magnet Notepad is sure to make a lovely addition to your refrigerator magnet collection all while making your kitchen a whole lot cuter! This lime-green notebook features a periwinkle hummingbird at the top of the sheet with orange flowers extending into view. This notebook has dotted rule lines to help you stay organized. At the bottom of the sheet, there is another periwinkle bird that is akin to a finch. The cute little bird sits among an assortment of multi-colored flora. From various shades of orange and pink, with pops of blue hues, these flowers and avian company are sure to liven up any kitchen.

  • 80 sheets
  • Magnetic
  • Artwork by Monika Forsberg
  • 8 inches x 3.5 inches

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