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Plant Name Badges

$ 16.00

There are few things cuter than the Plant Name Badges! What better way to cultivate a cute plant environment than with customizable plant name badges? You're not alone because we know that there are many people who named their plants. Let's get real, we're not solely talking about three to five plants on a window seal. There are some people who have a whole indoor terrarium in their space. How could one remember all the names? Especially if you have to go out of town and entrust the care of your plant babies to someone else; these name tags are sure to come in handy!

  • Reusable name tags
  • Great for houseplants
  • Plastic name tags made from recycled materials
  • Kit includes:  12 Name Badges ( 3 each of red, blue, yellow and green) plus a dry-wipe pen
  • Box measures 7.5 inches x 4.75 inches
  • Boxed

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