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Qudo 11mm Bocconi Gold Topper

$ 35.00
Color - Aquamarine

We simply cannot stop staring at these stunning gold toppers! The Qudo 11mm Bocconi Gold Topper features a beautiful design around the centerpiece. It is like that of a twisted golden cord, which evokes the feeling of Roman or Grecian influence, but that is just our take on these gorgeous beauties! These elements paired with the seemingly iridescent colors of some of these toppers, make for an eye-catching look that everyone is sure to admire. You could wear this Topper solo or stack it with other toppers to create a wearable bouquet of bling. Whether you consider yourself a minimalist or maximalist, you can't go wrong with having options.

  • 11 mm
  • Hand worked Stainless steel
  • European crystals or pearls
  • Interchangeable topper is compatible with all Qudo interchangeable bases
  • Handmade in Germany
  • This listing is for a single topper

What do you think of the Qudo 11 mm Bocconi Gold Topper?  There are hundreds of combinations of toppers and rings from Qudo. Choose your own here!