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Qudo 11mm Bocconi Silver Topper

$ 35.00
Color - Crystal

The atmosphere that the Qudo 11mm Bocconi Silver Toppers are setting is giving us a major winter wonderland feel. From the stunning silver hardware to the cool toned color options, we are definitely into this look! These toppers are evocative of those chilly, winter days when the sky is changing color and the sun goes into hiding for the moment. The first snow of the season begins to float down to the ground and eventually the sun peeks through the clouds, reflecting off little crystals in the snow. That is our take on these toppers. We can't wait for you to collect your own and create your own story.

  • 11 mm
  • Hand worked Stainless steel
  • European crystals or pearls
  • Interchangeable topper is compatible with all Qudo interchangeable bases
  • Handmade in Germany
  • This listing is for a single topper

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