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Qudo 11mm Fabero Gold Topper

$ 35.00
Color - Golden Shadow

Do you have a ring that is almost perfect? Maybe it is just missing a little something? Look no further than these Qudo Interchangeable toppers! Now you are the designer and wearer of your ideal jewelry. Bring your vision to life with the Qudo 11mm Fabero Gold Topper! You don’t have to wait to find the perfect ring. Now you can create it! You can wear your ring solo, or in a pair, or in a group. You can stack your rings together using a variety of sized toppers to create a constellation that is nothing short of stunning. Allow your creativity to run free! 

  • 11mm
  • Handworked Stainless steel
  • European crystals or pearls
  • Interchangeable topper is compatible with all Qudo interchangeable bases
  • Handmade in Germany
  • This listing is for a single topper

What do you think of the Qudo 11mm Fabero Gold Topper?  There are hundreds of combinations of toppers and rings from Qudo. Choose your own here!