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Qudo 9mm Tondo Deluxe Silver Topper

$ 50.00
Color - Chrysolite

Dare to be bold and get creative with the Qudo 9mm Tondo Crystal Deluxe Silver Topper!  Start your Qudo Interchangeable jewelry collection and instantly make a statement with this stunningly sophisticated gem top.

With brilliant craftsmanship, composed of faceted European crystal and pearls and hand-worked stainless steel,  this topper is sure to define your style and elevate every outfit.

With a wide variety of gorgeous shades of faceted European crystals and pearls,  feel free to mix and match your rings and toppers (or bracelets and toppers, necklaces and toppers, and earrings and toppers, too!)  If you don't have a Qudo Interchangeable Ring yet, we have many available in gold and silver.

  • 9mm
  • Handworked Stainless steel
  • European crystals or pearls
  • Interchangeable topper is compatible with all Qudo interchangeable bases
  • Handmade in Germany
  • This listing is for a single topper

    There are hundreds of combinations of Qudo toppers and rings. See the large variety of toppers, including the Qudo 9mm Tondo Crystal Deluxe Silver Topper, and make your own here!