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Qudo Denim Blue Matino Silver Ring

$ 30.00

Rings like the Qudo Denim Blue Matino Silver Ring are perfect for those minimalists Mondays. You know the days when your digits need a dash of dazzle, but not too much. (As if there was such a thing as too much sparkle.) Just like with everything else, the beauty is in the small details. Simple doesn’t mean boring and small doesn’t mean silent. See for yourself and you decide the type of look you are going for. These rings are stackable which means you can choose how and when you dial up or down the fun.

  • Denim Blue European crystal
  • Handworked stainless steel
  • This ring is not interchangeable
  • Stackable
  • The Matino ring is available in many colors and sizes
  • Clean with soft, dry cloth. Never clean with any chemicals, chlorine, or bleach.
  • Handmade in Germany

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