Scratch Off Christmas Vouchers

$ 16.00

DIY!  Yes, make your own scratch-off vouchers! Write any message with a pen or pencil, then cover it with the scratch-off sticker provided. Scratching will reveal your hidden prize! The Scratch Off Christmas Vouchers includes everything you need to make 12 vouchers (6 each of 2 colors). These are the perfect size to slip in a stocking or add to the top of a gift for a fun way to gift an experience (concert, trip, zoo season pass) or a special gift that's too large to wrap.

  • 12 vouchers, envelopes, and stickers
  • 4.25 inches x 2.75 inches
  • Clear plastic box
  • These envelopes are too small to mail.  To mail, place in a larger envelope.

The Scratch Off Christmas Vouchers are so cute, right?  You'll want to see the rest of our Holiday goods here!