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Signature Lea Necklace

$ 423.00

When you hear the name, Ayala Bar, one word comes to mind and that word is elegance. The elegance found in the unique creations is constant throughout her designs. Such is the case with this exquisite Ayala Bar Signature Lea Necklace from her limited edition collection.

Intertwined ornaments dangle from a lovely silver chain that has been wrapped in portions with vibrant crochet. Little bits of teal and olive green crochet showcase the hematite and jade-like beading. This necklace would be a fabulous addition to your jewel box. The Ayala Bar Signature Lea Necklace is the definitive statement piece that will never fade. What memories will you create with your newest favorite accessory? 

  • Fabrics, beads, and hypoallergenic metal
  • From the Hip Collection
  • Approximately   inches long
  • Handmade in Israel

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