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Simple Soap Dish

$ 14.00

It's always important to take care of your hands by being selective  about what soap you use, but  have you ever given any thought about what you put your soap on? There
are so many options out there, but why not let us make it simple for you with this Simple
Soap Dish? This oval, white, ceramic soap dish is the L.B.D.(Little Black Dress) of bath decor. Measuring at approximately 5" long, the classic design and sleek look is perfect for almost any bathroom.  Seriously, what goes good with white?  Everything! So you don't have to worry about swapping out this cute bathroom accessory the next time you feel a remodel in the works of that creative brain of yours. Why would you want to?  Keep it simple with this soap dish.

Approximately 5" long
• Ceramic
• Soap not included

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