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Twilight Candle

$ 36.00

This candle evokes a sense of calm; it is as though you hit the pause button when you light it. It is reminiscent of that quiet moment before the sun goes down. With the essential oils of jasmine, orange and sandalwood, this candle is sure to make your evenings all the more relaxing. Who doesn’t like to unwind after a long day? Sometimes we need a little help and that’s okay. The sweet and citrus aromas paired with the sandalwood are sure to fill your space with an air of tranquility. So you can rest just like the rest of nature.

From ingredients to vessels, these candles are designed with sustainability in mind. In a world crowded by artificial ingredients and over-stimulation, your senses and your wellbeing will thank you for choosing these 100% essential oil candles to fragrance your space with the Twilight Candle. Plus the tumblers are reusable, made from recycled glass, and topped with an environmentally-friendly (and super cute) cork lid!

  • 8 ounces
  • All botanical ingredients
  • Soy wax
  • 100% essential oils
  • Jasmine, Orange and Sandalwood essential oils
  • Approximately 30 hours burn time
  • American-made glass vessel
  • Sustainably-sourced, fire-branded cork lid
  • Hand-poured in Austin, TX
  • Made with love in the USA

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