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XO Pencil Set

$ 7.00

It will be Valentines Day soon and it's time to start shopping for those you love if you haven’t already begun. Hey, maybe show a little self-love by getting yourself this little treat. In the age of technology, we have note taking apps at our fingertips, but there's something about the tactile feeling of having a writing utensil in your hand. If you are looking for a Valentines Day gift or an appreciation gift for someone you love, the XO Pencil Set is sure to draw a smile on their face. These pencils are not only useful, but they're sure to liven up any workspace with their beautiful design.

  • 4 patterned wood pencils, unsharpened
  • Wood
  • Graphite
  • Gold foil accents, gold ferrules and white erasers
  • 7.5 inches long
  • Handmade in the USA 

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