Check out our new jewelry from Ke Aloha Jewelry!

Grayling Jewelry Trunk Show

Grayling Jewelry Trunk Show

Grayling Jewelry Trunk Show
Just in time for Valentines Day!


You'd love to find a piece of this jewelry in a Coco and Duckie gift bag!  


Not familiar with Grayling Jewelry? We're not surprised, it's new but we don't want you to stay in the dark about this wonderful jewelry! For three days only, Thursday-Saturday, February 12-14, we will have the entire Grayling Jewelry line in Coco and Duckie  

for you to see!   

Katy, the jewelry artist, is a stone cutter and creates the most beautiful faceted jewelry. She adds an edginess that makes it ahead of the current trends and many pieces  

(she calls them 'Convertibles') can be worn SEVERAL ways to add value to your jewelry investment! Below are a few images for you to enjoy!


All stones are hand cut in her studio!

One of our current Grayling favorites is this stunning 'Convertible' necklace. Worn long, it is a 34" necklace and showcases her handy-work, faceted in her Portland studio, these crystals have more than 2800 individual facets! Adding value to this indispensable wardrobe classic, it can be worn at least 4 ways and when you come in, we'll show you all the ways!   Yes, there are bracelets and earrings, too. The earrings are wonderfully light so they are easy to wear.

This is just a bit of this beautiful, fresh new line!  

Come in and find new ways to express yourself!

Trunk Show Dates:
Thursday, February 12:      9am-8pm
Friday, February 13:          10am-6pm
Saturday, February 14:     10am-6pm

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