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New Ayala Bar Jewelry Collections Arriving Soon

New Ayala Bar Jewelry Collections Arriving Soon

Is it time to recharge your fashion battery?  Express yourself with Ayala Bar's jewelry!   Ayala Bar inspires individual style with her creative jewelry. Ayala Bar's 2014 Fall collection is coming to Coco and Duckie October 2-4 for our Fall Trunk Show.  You'll see the very special handcrafted earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pins!  Jewelry by this Israeli artist

isn't small and dainty. It's made to be seen and appreciated.  There are four different aspects to this exquisite jewelry and each piece is made with different materials and moods.  Compliment Alert:  Be prepared to receive compliments because when you wear Ayala's jewelry people will notice!


Elements and Materials

One of the most intense elements of Ayala Bar jewelry is the handmade beading. The beads are crafted from fabric or glass, creating non-traditional shapes and sizes. They're built in to the artist's vision for each piece. The elements and materials featured in each collection are carefully cultivated to fit a single purpose within each work of art.

The Classic Collection

Let the Ayala Bar Classic Collection - Fall 2014 speak to the artist within you. Exotic arrangements of metals, minerals, glass beads and Swarovski crystals represent the classic elegance of natural elements. This jewelry collection embraces the new colors of the season. Whether you like bright and sassy or warm and cozy colors, the new autumn combinations come together in unique patterns that resemble mosaic artwork. Each set within the collection reflects a different concept.

The Hip Collection

Unusual textures abound in the Ayala Bar Hip Collection. Handmade fabric beads work with soft touches and elegant finishes to draw attention to the jewelry and the person wearing it. They're designed with a creative flair and a unique look that celebrates fashion. Look for the softness of velvet and the distinct shimmer of gems to round out this limited selection of unique jewelry.

The Radiance Collection

Add some sparkle to your wardrobe with the Ayala Bar Radiance Collection. The focus of these pieces is the layered look of gems, crystals and beads over the vibrant foundation of molded metals. Transparency in the crystals adds depth to the dramatic effect of light and colorful patterns found in this non-traditional jewelry.

The Indigo Collection

Intricate silver metalwork, dainty fabrics and Swarovski crystals are combined to create bold statement pieces, that are lightweight and easy to dress up and down. Lockets were included within some of the designs making them all the more adorable!

About Ayala Bar

Ayala Bar is an internationally recognized jewelry artist and designer from Israel. She has a studio outside of Tel Aviv in a city called Givatayim. She has always had a calling to the visionary within, going to art school and working in interior design and theatre before becoming a jewelry creator in the late '80s. She develops her handmade pieces for limited collections that are available for about six months each. They have different themes, capturing certain colors, geometric shapes or ideas that won't be repeated in other collections.

The latest Ayala Bar jewelry collections are now available through Coco and Duckie in store and on our website. Stop by our store in Bellville, order online or give us a call at (979) 865-9393 to place your order.

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