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X by Trollbeads: How to Create the Right Size and Style Bracelet

X by Trollbeads: How to Create the Right Size and Style Bracelet

Building your own bracelet is almost as much fun as wearing it. X by Trollbeads is a unique bracelet design that you can build link by link. Use a combination of links with X-shaped openings that interlock to create a bracelet that tells your story. The pieces are made from silver, gold, bronze and black rubber. They connect by sliding one X link onto another where their joints meet. You don’t need tools or special skills to put together your bracelet. Mix and match plain and decorative links made of different materials. Pick out your favorites from more than 80 links made by Trollbeads designers. x by trollbeads heart link

Elements of Style

The cool part about creating your own bracelet is that you get to choose which links to use and which ones should go next to each other. Use an assortment of basic links and decorative themes to form a bracelet that captures your personality.

  • Silver is the foundation of the bracelet. It’s strong and stylish. Choose silver links to set the tone.
  • Gold brightens up the bracelet, giving it a slightly softer mood.
  • Bronze adds a rugged element. It’s made of copper and tin, naturally growing darker as it mixes with air for an aged look.
  • Black rubber links provide the perfect contrast to silver and an unusual complement to the bronze and gold X links. When you touch the rubber, it feels soft and leathery.
  • A lock is optional. It makes your bracelet easier to put on and take off by yourself with your free hand. The locks don’t look like traditional clasps. There are different locking link shapes and designs available.
  • Each link has a different price. For example, black rubber links are less expensive than silver ones. Double links are more expensive than single ones.

Making the Right Size

The first step to sizing your bracelet is to measure your wrist. The best way is to use a soft tape measure that has metric measurements on it. Some tape measures have metric on one edge and standard inches on the opposite edge. Find the widest part of your wrist, and tightly wrap the tape measure around it. Look closely where the end meets the numbers. Read the number of centimeters to find your wrist size. Add two centimeters to the length to find the ideal bracelet size. If you don’t have a metric tape measure, remember that one centimeter is equivalent to .4 inch. X links come in two sizes. Single links are one centimeter long. Double links are two centimeters long. Do the math to figure out how many links you’ll need of each size to create your bracelet. x by trollbeads links

There are many exciting choices for X by Trollbeads. Once you’ve decided which links you want to use and how many you need of each type, contact Coco and Duckie. We can help you figure out your total and place your order.

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