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For the Love of Sheet Masks

For the Love of Sheet Masks


Sheet masks, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
Here's a fun fact about face masks: in addition to being like a cool,
refreshing hug for your face, they originated in South Korea, where skin
care is king!
The most common, traditional face masks that you are probably the most
familiar with—the ones you see hanging in the impulse buy section of
your favorite stores or find in your stocking on Christmas morning—are
made of a paste or gel that you smooth onto your face and let work their
magic until it's time to wash or take them off.

Because most sheet masks are individually packaged, they are a
fantastically low-fuss and low-cost way to take care of yourself day in
and day out.
They are less labor intensive than some other rigorous skincare
routines, and they fit right into your busy schedule. It's so easy to
smooth one on while you watch your shows in the evening, touch up your
mani in the morning, or even while you're 30,000 miles up in the air on
a flight!
Sheet masks aren't just for your face anymore! You can find ones
specifically targeted for different areas of the body, from your lips to
your toes, hands, and under your eyes, or any other spots that need
moisture and care delivered with nearly laser-like precision.

Sheet masks are almost always a single-use item, which makes them easy
to discard when you're done. They're super easy to store and stock too,
because they lay flat in your drawer and don't take up much-coveted
cabinet space! Plus, there's always that ooey-gooey extra goodness to
rub into your neck, chest, backs of your hands, or any other places that
need a little love.
Not only are these must-have masks soaked in a magical mix of serums,
vitamins, and other beneficial ingredients, the masks themselves help
those ingredients soak into your pores by keeping a barrier from the
light, air, and environment around you, delivering all that goodness
directly into your skin.
Rather than worrying about stripping your skin of necessary oils and
protective barriers against the elements, face mask ingredients are made
for the exclusive purpose of nourishing your skin and adding to its
natural wonders.
They are cute! The packaging, and sometimes the masks themselves, have
fun designs, patterns, or even cute animal faces, giving you just
another reason to use and love them. Sheet masks come in so many
different styles, from glittering gold to fun bubbles to adorable
faces that they're impossible not to love and want to try them all
They smell amazing. Some sheet masks use essential oils like rose, lavender,
lemon, or others, so you get the added benefits of aromatherapy while
you hydrate your skin!
They make great gifts! Who doesn't love giving the gift of pampering and
self care? For years I have been tucking sheet masks into gift bags,
just as a fun little extra something for my friend who I know deserves
an afternoon to herself.

Last but not least, sheet masks force you to slow down for a few
minutes. Depending on what you're working with, you can't catch up on
work emails if your cuticles are bundled up, or run on the treadmill
while you have a sheet mask on. I love to get into bed, pop one on, and
read until I’m sleepy. Sheet masks ensure that you focus on taking care
of yourself and catch your breath for a bit, even if it's just while
your sheet mask dries.



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