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What's So Special About Ahava Products?

What's So Special About Ahava Products?

Did you play in the mud and make pretend facials when you were little? Mud has cleansing elements that make the skin smooth. Now that you're all grown up, you can still enjoy the special qualities of nature without getting dirty in the back yard. Black mud from the Dead Sea contains about 35 minerals that fortify the skin. Ahava uses this mud to create skincare products that cleanse and rejuvenate. At Coco and Duckie, we carry Ahava products because we think they're special. Here's why.

History of Dead Sea Mud                                                                             

The Dead Sea's history of rich minerals and healing powers stretches back more than 2,000 years. In ancient times, royalty would bathe in the water and bask on the shore. Cleopatra was among them, experiencing the soothing effects of the blue water and black mud rich in minerals. The Dead Sea's water and the mud in its base have an extremely high salt content that's famous for naturally soothing aches and pains. A dip in the Dead Sea cures many skin ailments. The salt and other minerals have healing properties that revitalize the skin. People who visit the Dead Sea rub the black mud on their hands, faces and all over their bodies. In other words, it's the biggest natural spa on the planet.

Health Benefits
Dead sea mud has minerals with many health benefits. Some of the natural ingredients include magnesium, calcium, sodium, strontium, potassium, boron and iron. 
• Magnesium and potassium stimulate blood flow and flatten out cellulite when massaged into your skin.
• Calcium minimizes body stress and reduces fine wrinkles.
• Dead Sea mud minerals slough off dead skin cells. 
• Potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium attract moisture and help the skin stay naturally supple and refreshed. This helps it heal and look healthy.

Ahava combines Dead Sea mud with other products to make your skin look better and feel better. If your skin is tired and needs a pick-me-up, check out the Ahava skincare products at Coco and Duckie. We want you to feel lovely. 

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