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Coco's Costume Round-Up

Coco's Costume Round-Up
 1) A Snow Globe
SO FREAKING CUTE!! This one takes a little more pre-meditation but what an impact! The possibilities are practically endless as far as the innards of the snow globe... Now we just have to figure out how to have glitter floating around our heads all night.




2) Holly Go-Lightly  Effortlessly chic with a big impact! This is one of those costumes that makes you think, "Why didn't I think of this sooner!". Channel (basically) everyone's favorite New York party girl with this timeless ensemble you probably already have hanging in your closet.

3) Medusa
Fun and a bit scary, a great combo for Halloween! Buy a few plastic snakes and don't be afraid to use hairspray! In this tutorial we found on Pinterest, they used a beautiful braid as the base, but the possibilities are endless. 


                                              4) Piñata                        
The party don't start 'til YOU walk in! Have I mentioned any costumes being cute? This is definitely a recurring theme in my costume proclivities. Again, nearly endless possibilities. Just get some crepe paper, fabric glue and go crazy, girl!
5) Minnie Mouse
If you have anything with polka dots, you can make a Minnie Mouse costume. While she is known for red, Minnie has rocked a rainbow of colors. Be sure to borrow your friends' mouse ears from their last trip to Disneyland! This is one of my favorite costume ideas because it is so easy to really put your own spin on it and isn't that what Halloween costumes are about?                    
It has been so much fun finding awesome costume ideas from different blogs and such, compiling my favorites to share with you on the other hand was hard! There are so many clever, creative costumes out there! We saved even more awesome Halloween costume, food, decor and game ideas on one of our Pinterest boards. Check them out and share with us some of your best costume ideas in the comments below! 
Photos found via Pinterest

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